Price List 2017

Doweling Machines

Electric, 16 Amp 3h.p., Doweling Machine with unique Safety Clutch and ‘Quick Fit’ splined shaft for easy replacement of cutting heads:  £2150

Tractor Mounted Hydraulic Machine. Suitable for any power source above 30 litre/minute. Also features ‘Quick Fit’ system: £2270 

Tractor Mounted Double Hydraulic Machine. Two cutting heads with movable positions. Also features ‘Quick Fit’ system: £7200

Blocking Cutter Heads

150 x 1½in., 30mm, 50mm, 70mm. Twin Blade, Splined Connector £920

Stand Cutting Heads

50, 60, 70mm x 150mm with a 150mm leg, Twin Blades £1020

Tungsten Carbide Bottom Branch Cutters, 4 per 150mm head: £40 each

Special Orders Available

Retro-fit Equipment

Quick Fit: Splined Shaft on Machine: £130

Quick Fit: Splined Connector on Head: £120

Bottom Branch Cutters: £40 each, plus £25 per head

Makita Blades, to fit all Cutting Heads: £23 per pair

All Machinery Prices are ex-works an subject to VAT at 20%