Dowelling Machines

Tree Fix Machines Provide a safe and easy solution for Christmas tree growers and retailers who are struggling to get their trees into stands or base blocks with saws and the like.

Our machines are engineered to tolerances of thousandths of an inch from the best quality materials to ensure quality, durability and reliability.

We supply 3 different types of Dowelling machine:

3hp 16 Amp Electric Dowelling Machine

Our electric Machines are free standing and especially convenient for situations in tight spaces or near customers where a tractor would not be appropriate. These Dowelling Machines feature our unique Safety Clutch system.

Tractor P.T.O.

Our Tractor P.T.O. Machines can be mounted on the three point linkage of a tractor as pictured. These Machines also feature our Safety clutch system.


Our hydraulically powered Dowelling Machines can be powered by a tractor or other hydraulic power source about 30 litres per minute. They are built to order, and can be mounted either on the three point linkage of a tractor, or supplied on a free-standing frame like the electric Machines.