What do Tree-Fix products do?

Tree-Fix has over two decades of experience manufacturing Christmas Tree standing solutions. Our Dowelling Machines all feature our unique clutch system, which ensures safe operation, even in close proximity to customers and members of the public.

Our Dowelling Machines can turn the base of trees down to various diameters suitable for base blocks and different sized stands. Using our Tree-Fix dowelling machines with wooden blocks is by far the quickest and cheapest way of standing up Christmas Trees.

Our Bobbins attach to the bottom of the tree with screws or nails and fit into wooden blocks to stand up trees in the same way as our Dowelling Machines. They involve a higher per-tree cost than our Dowelling Machines, but without the initial outlay, making them ideal for retailers who deal with smaller numbers of trees.

Dowelling Machines

Tree Fix Machines Provide a safe and easy solution for Christmas tree growers and retailers who are struggling to get their trees into stands or base blocks…

Multi-Head Machines

Our hydraulic powered multi-head machines are the safest, easiest and most efficient way of dowelling multiple trees simultaneously. With adjustable…

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